Advanced public transport trip planning



  • System uses Open Street Map.
  • Make corrections can be easily made offline.
  • Possibility to attach offline geo-location or map tiles server.
  • Use of open GTFS specification.

Technical Data:

  • System is built in JAVA programming language.
  • User interface is built in HTML, JS.
  • Deployed can be made on any web server.
  • OSM (Open Street Map) is used as a map engine.
  • OTP (Open Trip Planner) is used as a trip planning engine.
  • GTFS (General Traits Feed Specification) feed has to be prepared as a feed for the system. All timetables, routes, stops and other information is all contained in GTFS feed.
  • GTFS feed creation process must be automated.

AzRy means IDEA

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Shortly About GeMe

Information system to effectively plan trip using different public transport between two destinations